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Thread Heaven - Thread Conditioner & Protectant

Thread heaven
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Thread Heaven - Thread Conditioner & Protectant
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 Thread Heaven - Thread Conditioner & Protectant

Thread Heaven is the modern day answer to old-fashioned beeswax. Thread Heaven conditions sewing thread and helps to prevent tangling. Because it's made from silicon, it doesn't gum needles or leave residue in stitch work. Use this product for: Quilting, Beading, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Fly Tying, Hand Sewing and Machine Sewing. In short, use it whenever you are working with needle and thread. It is especially useful with metallic threads.

Thread Heaven is supplied in a small blue pot with its own lid. It is Hypo-Allergenic and Acid Free. It doesn't melt.

Why use Thread Heaven? If you were to look at a piece of thread through a magnifying glass, you'd notice lots of frayed hairy edges. This is what produces lint when machine sewing. Those frayed 'hairs' are what cause those frustrating little loop knots when you are hand sewing. The ones that get tighter when you try to pull them out? Yep, you know the ones we we're talking about! Good quality cotton threads have much less 'hair' along their length than cheaper ones do, but all cotton threads will have some, even if it's just a small amount. By running a length of thread across the block of Thread Heaven, these 'hairs' are matted down, helping the thread to glide smoothly through your work and reducing the incidence of tangling and knotting.

When machine sewing, lower the threaded machine needle into the block of Thread Heaven. Pick up enough to fill the needle eye. The thread will then be coated with conditioner as it passes through the needle. Repeat as necessary.

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